Three Fashion Finds to Rock Your Next Concert!

August 06, 2018

Three Fashion Finds to Rock Your Next Concert!

If you're anything like the women of Boutique Sales Chic you love a good concert and we all know my friends at Live Nation Keep the concerts rolling! You live for the idea of having a night out enjoying your favorite artists, spending time with the people you love most, and getting dolled up for a night you know you won't soon forget. But before the good times can roll the number one thing you have to take care of and will probably set your entire vibe for the night is figuring out what to wear! Rest Assured, We've gotcha covered and today were going to discuss our Top 3 Fashion Finds to Rock your Next Concert.

BSC Concert Pieces

It's the night you've been waiting on for months and it's finally time to put your outfit together setting your mood for the nightand beyond, What do you wear? I'll tell you what to wear, something cute, something at least semi comfy, and something you know without a doubt you can totally rock with the most minimal possible effort.

1. The Almighty Jumpsuit!

Do I even need to put into words why the Almighty Jumpsuit would be a great look to Rock Out your next concert? This look requires minimal effort, it will showcase your greatest assets, and with a sexy printed one like "Versace", you'll be sure to turn some heads! You just might be at the Beyonce concert but this look  will scream Me, Myself, and I!

2. Fringe

I'm just gonna be brutally honest with you. I take any and every opportunity I come across to throw on some fringe and shake a little something!  Don't judge me or act like you haven't thought about it too since seeing Tina Turner do her shimmy in the movie, What's Love Got to do With It! Fringe is absolutely everything and you'll definitely take your concert experience to the next level by wearing it. No we all can't be performers but on the right night and at any given time we can most definitely dress like them. Fringetastic indeed!

3. Matching Set

What can we say that hasn't already been said about the beauty of the matching set. I think it was the beautiful and talented Solange Knowles who first put the fabness of the matching 2 piece set on my radar and all I can say at this point is I've never looked back! Similar to the jumpsuit due to it's ease and convenience the matching set gives us the opportunity to look very well put together with minimal effort and allows us to experiment with many different styles and patterns. The Skyler set pictured above is a perfect example of this.

There you have it fashionistas, Three Must Have looks to Rock Your Next concert! Now the question is which or these three options are you going to rock first?