The Power of the Two Piece Matching Set!

September 04, 2018

The Power of the Two Piece Matching Set!

We get it, you're busy, you've got places to go and people to see and that's why we're talking Power of the Matching Set!  The last thing anyone wants to do is trade style for ambition so on today's post we'll discuss wardrobe choices  to help you get ready in a time crunch,  sure fire looks to help you show up looking fashionably fab plus tips on how to save some funds while you're doing it all with the power of the Two Piece Set!

Boutique Sales Chic Sets


Let's face it, not everyone has the ability to mix and match with perfection and some find it extremely difficult to put together an outfit with separates. For those people the matching two piece set was born. By definition a 2 piece set is defined as a set of clothing that is in 2 parts and is usually matching. We at Boutique Sales Chic define it as a life saver!

Currently the matching 2 piece set is taking over everything from Celebrity Style to Back to School Must Haves and I mean really can you blame it? Who in their right mind doesn't love a matching set? Some of my favorite things about this awesome trend is that if you pick the right ones they make it really easy to get  dressed, they make accessorizing simple,  give you the ability to take your look from day to night fuss free, and for the most part they take a lot of the guess work out of figuring what to wear, and are easy on the bank! Let's take a look at some of our favorites!

Girls just want to have fun right! The "Cotton Candy" is all about having fun while showing off those well toned abs. Can a girl have it all you ask, damn right she can! This set is current available in a size small and cost you $39.99

X-Rated Skirt Set

X-Rated is all about the woman who can look good and be one helluva Boss at the same damn time! X-Rated is available in sizes Small-3x and is flattering on a variety of different shapes and sizes. Stripes are a major fashion trend currently so I guess you can say X-Rated has it all!


The "Skyler" 2 piece set screams I enjoy doing dope ish and of course looking good while doing it. This set features a flattering tube top, high waist split leg palazzo pants,  a sash tie waist, and both a vertical and horizontal stripe design! Gorgeous!

Are you a fan of the 2 Piece Set? Which of these Boutique Sales Chic sets are topping your must have list?