Date Night Must Haves!

October 14, 2017

Date Night Must Haves!

Whether you're single and searching, mingling or married, everyone loves a great date night. Today I'm sharing you three of my must have looks guaranteed to take your date night to the next level. You see, Looking good is feeing good and the right look is exactly what you'll need to not only make the most out of your experience, but also just in case thing's don't go as planned you'll be guaranteed it wasn't because of your outfit.

First Date

The First date is so important because it's your first time meeting that special someone that you might possibly spend the rest of your life with. Not only are the events f that night important but what you decide to wear just might determine if you have a second date or not. I always remember the rules I was taught. It's ok to show off a little of your top or a little of your bottom but never both at the same time and that's why I'm a huge advocate of wearing dresses on a first date. I think you should go for something that shows off your personality without saying too much.-

Married Date Night

By this time most couples are fully familiar with the saying fantasy is what we want but reality is what we need and that's the same way I feel about hubby/wifey date nights. While these date night are no where near as frequent as they were when you first started dating it's still important to not only put your best  foot  forward during this times but also look our best. Remember when you dresses up for him in your get em girl with your hair done for days and your best push up bra, then return to these times. No i'm not saying you have to look like the girl he me four score and seven years ago but I am saying it's important to wear something that reminds him that there's still a little tiger purring inside you.